My schooling, memories don't always tell a true story!

My schooling.

Sometimes, when one remembers something of the past, there is a possibility that it does not all sounds true.
There is a possibility that what was put down in the poor old brain so many years ago, was not the whole story.
Or only part of the story or something that was never mentioned.
For whatever reason, when trying to figure out why one remembers certain things, it not always turns out what one first thought.

I remember going to the infant school.
No denomination type of school I think, just all little kids, playing all together.
That school was around the corner of the Hofdijk at the Noordsingel.
Very easy to get there because where we lived in the Schoterboschstraat, maybe 100 meter from the Hofdijk, then maybe 200 meter to the corner of the Noordsingel.
Mother must have loved it, I could walk there myself, no crossing of roads etc.
I always loved to go there, they had large playrooms and the ladies who looked after us were always very nice.
What they looked like I don't remember, neither if they were young or old but I remember that they always were wearing long skirts to their ankles.
Small desk where we learned to write and read.
What we used in those days was slate-pencil and slate, I must say, very environment friendly, no wasted paper.
In one of the large playrooms there was a nice piano.
Frequently one of the ladies accompanied us when it was time for singing all sorts of songs, always great fun.

And there was the playground.
At the back were some very large doors and when opened, one could step down into to outside playground.
What I can remember, it was huge and what is more, most of it was devoted to a very large sand pit.
Trees around it and plenty of area to sit on long benches, what more does a growing up kid want.
During school times, that playground was only available to the school kids.
But on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, when schools were closed, it was free for other kids to come and play there.
For that there was a separate entrance where one entered from the Hofdijk between the Schoterboschstraat and the Noordsingel.
Even after I was too old for the infant school and went to the normal public school, I did go there on those afternoons.

At the top I wrote "Memories don't always tell a true story!", however what I wrote about the infant school, my memory tells me that it is a true story.

It might have more to do with what I remember of going to school in the Jonker Fransstraat.
About school in the Jonker Fransstraat I will write on another page.

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