Father, what I remember from when I was young.

Whilst thinking about the past, characteristics of father came to mind.
I do not know if any of our family can remember these things.
Here below there are a few.
If you know more, let me know!

When we were young:

We got every day a spoonful of cod liver oil with a teaspoon of sugar or a sugar cube afterward.

Yes, I like to read that!

There was a time when we lived in an upstairs apartment in the Schoterbosstraat.
I know that father had a violin and sometimes he played it.
Not many people had a radio but father had a fairly good radio.
And every Sunday afternoon we listened to classical music, mostly opera and his favorite was La Bohème.

Yes, I like to read that!

Father was a lover of fishing.

Yes, I like to read that!

Sometimes when he talked about mother, he called her the Countess.
I believe it was just after the war, we lived when his nieuwe shoemakerij when I asked him what he meant.
I can not remember what his answer was.
However, it was not something one could easily find out at that time.

Yes, I like to read that!

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