Memories, they are from the past, they enlighten the present.


Memories are mysterious, they can't be touched, they can't be read, one can't smell nor see them.
Sometimes they are lost, but they are there and will return.
Memories are like a book, a book that has been put aside.
That book, your book, with pages of the past.

Now and then you take up your book and read some of the pages.
Read carefully, on those pages you can find out who you are at present.
Enjoy the pages that describe the good times and read them again.
That book, your book, with pages of the past.

Don't be afraid when reading about mistakes in your book of the past, they are in the past, just a memory.
If you learned from past mistakes, if you amended those mistakes, enjoy the memory of the lesson.
The book of memory shows us who we are.
That book, your book, with pages of the past.

Yes, everything that happened in the past made you who you are in the present.
All those happenings filled the pages of your book.
Try to make sure that from now on, there only will be good things that fill the blank pages of your book.
Then, that book, will be your book, with pages of the good things of the past.

Chris Sengers
Sydney, Australië 2024.

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