The CV of Chris Sengers

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Het Nederlandse Beheersinstituut

As you can see, I started with "Het Nederlandse Beheersinstituut" on the 4thof November 1946, just 9 days after I left Beukers.
I found a job in an office and alsohad one (1) week holiday! The first holiday for a long time!

Het Nederlandse Beheersinstituut was a department or section of the Department ofJustice in The Hague.
It was set up to locate and take possession of any assets ofGermans, collaborators of the Germans during the war, and of assets etc. of missingvictims of the German occupation.
I did have to maintain the archive and collect and re-assess data.
At times there was newly collected data thay needed follow-up.With the help of qualified detectives, this at times took the form of breaking in intounoccupied premises, collecting items from safe-deposit boxes at banks and checking allrecords of known Germans and criminals at the Head Quarters of Police.
All very interestingbut in the end it became a bit boring for me.

During the 3rd quarter of 1946there were rumours in the office that the branch in Rotterdam would close. Inmeanwhile I had started studies for Modern Business Administration and I found that suitedme better.
I found a job with De Kuyper were I was to start on the 1st of May 1948 andbecause I felt like another holiday, I resigned on the 1st of April 1948.


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