Pages of my 1945 Diary
of my incarceration into a German Prison Camp
during WW2 1944-45.

It is now 27810 days ago that I started writing in this little old diary of mine.
Yes, that is now 76 years and 1 months and 20 days ago.

FEBRUARY 1945: From 16 Friday. (Just notes what happened in approx. the next 6 weeks)

From 16 Friday. (Just notes what happened in approx. the next 6 weeks)

Most of the time goes by with having to clean the latrines of the Army barracks. Filled to the top with excrements. (I seemed to have done a good job the first time, it is now my job!)

During this a train (tracks very close to where we are) was fired upon by Spitfires and caught alight. It seemed they had a lucky strike. The carriages go up in flames one by one and it seems they were loaded with ammunition, they fly into the air with the wheels and axels flying over our heads.

We also did quite a bit of walking from one place to the other and we at one time we had to go up at 4:30am to go to another place and after about 10km we had to wait a very long time. We were instructed to load our luggage onto a horse drawn carriage and after that we were divided in different groups. My group had about 40 men and we went to another village about an half hour away. The luggage was lost because whilst we were leaving the place was bombarded by artillery fire and the whole village went up in flames, including the horse and cart. We had to run to get away from it. Further in another village it became apparent that our SA Guards were lost. We had to wait along side of the road and a grenade exploded about five metre from where we were. Had to wait still longer and after that we marched along for quite a few hours until we arrived outside the correct village. Behind us fell grenade after grenade into the village.

After that there was no place for us to stay.

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