Pages of my 1945 Diary
of my incarceration into a German Prison Camp
during WW2 1944-45.

It is now 27810 days ago that I started writing in this little old diary of mine.
Yes, that is now 76 years and 1 months and 20 days ago.

JANUARY 1945: 21 Sunday. Worked for half a day. Food reasonable

21 Sunday. Worked for half a day. Food reasonable

22 Monday. We have to work from 8-12 and 2-4 clearing snow in and around the town (??) we are in. We do get food. I go to see a medical person and was assigned some lighter work and some extra food.

23 Tuesday. My job was to be peeling potatoes in a kitchen somewhere in a hospital (still with guards!). However I go to see the medicos because I became ill. Could stay in hospital.

24 Wednesday. Still sick and in hospital but have to work scrubbing and washing up.

25 and 26. Still the same. Friday I received double portion bread.

27 Saturday. No more extra or special food. Tomorrow I will be transported back to lager.