Pages of my 1945 Diary
of my incarceration into a German Prison Camp
during WW2 1944-45.

It is now 27810 days ago that I started writing in this little old diary of mine.
Yes, that is now 76 years and 1 months and 20 days ago.


This page contains the names (in their handwriting) from men that were in the ward of the Roman Catholic Hospital together with me. (Krankenhaus Maria Hilf, the Hospital was at Bensberg near Gladbach. see page 16)

I do not know of any of these men are still alive.
It is hard to say, I lost contact over the years.
However I do know that they were a lot older than I was.

Rottiers Jean was a Belgian soldier who was held prisoner.

Grazioli Emilio was an Italian soldier who was held prisoner.

van Woorduijk A. was a slave-labourer

Siedler Iwan was a White Russian, why he was in Germany I do not know. He was afraid to be sent back home.


All the above and myself were (very graciously?) accepted by the nuns of this Hospital (name Krankenhaus Maria Hilf at Bensberg). We all had the same illness ( EPIDEMIC TYPHUS FEVER , exanthematic typhus), and all came from different camps in the area. Some did not get such a high fever as I did but had a struggle to stay at the normal temperature and not fall below the normal.
I did have the highest temperature and pulse rate that any of the professionals had seen (including the American Army doctors). I was unconscious for some days and was near death when I received the last rites in my hospital bed. (so I was told, I only remember some candles placed around me and somebody touching my forehead)
After that however, I recuperated the quickest.