Pages of my 1945 Diary
of my incarceration into a German Prison Camp
during WW2 1944-45.

It is now 27810 days ago that I started writing in this little old diary of mine.
Yes, that is now 76 years and 1 months and 20 days ago.

APRIL 1945: Sunday the 1st. Now in quarantine with a few unknown to me people from Rotterdam.

1 Sunday. Now in quarantine with a few unknown to me people from Rotterdam. The guards do not come inside the heavily barbed wire fencing. We hardly get any food and water is scarce. We use mainly molten snow to satisfy our thirst. The food is broth from old, stale bread. There is nothing for use to do but hide at night from the bedbugs falling out of the cracks in the walls.


During this time the guards showed us how good they were at shooting. They shot now and then a rabbit in the fields surrounding the camp with a single bullet in the head and slung that rabbit over the fencing for us to make a meal.

During this time the artillery fire was very close to us so we knew that the Germans were still retreating and we deducted from that, that our guards would not harm us apart from keeping us locked up. We also noticed that at times when somebody was injured from the exploding shells (from the artillery fire) or when some one was near death that they allowed these prisoners to go out of the camp and try to find somewhere where they could get treatment!

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