Pages of my 1945 Diary
of my incarceration into a German Prison Camp
during WW2 1944-45.

It is now 27810 days ago that I started writing in this little old diary of mine.
Yes, that is now 76 years and 1 months and 20 days ago.

MARCH 1945: 25 Sunday. This is the first time since Saturday the 3rd of March that I made an entry in my diary again.

25 Sunday. This is the first time since Saturday the 3rd of March that I made an entry in my diary again.

However, time and as I said previously a bad pencil, took its toll with the entries.

It is however not very different from all the other days. During this time for instance, we were lined up in single row. The reason ? It was said that someone had stolen something from the place where we were incarcerated. I think our SA Guards wanted some fun. Firstly they asked the culprit to come forward. However, as I think it was a set-up, no one did. There was a bail of hay put in front of us and they counted from the beginning of the line to 10. Each tenth men had to step forward. (I was 9!). After that, each one of these men had to bent over the bail of hay and a couple of the guards started hitting with the but-end of their rifles until unconscious. There were about 150 of us so we were exposed to quite an orgy of abuse.

When they had enough, a couple of the men died. It was here that another side of people was shown to me.

The dead had to be buried. However, no one did. Not even men that had been through all this together. The only thing was that some stripped the dead from anything that could be used or was of any value.

During all these weeks, very little food. No washing and no other clothes than I had on and the lice were marching on us as much as we did, come to think of it, they had more food than any of us, they ate us almost alive. I caught the flu and that was nearly the end of me. I was removed from the group and placed in a quarantined camp where they held prisoners suspected of having typhus.

Many other things happened and made me wiser than many a 16 year old should be. The only thing I can say, no one ever laid a hand on me, I was spared from the guards and the men I was living with all that time.

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